RECOMMENDED SELF-Tech Inspection Guidelines

 Helmet – SNELL SA2005 / M2005 or newer
Shirt, Pants, and Shoes required. Long sleeves Recomended.

Tech inspection Sheet


All vehicles must provide factory original (or better) seats that are securely mounted, seatbelts (SFI or FIA rated are recommended), and roll over protection for both driver and in-car instructor (if used).

1. Hardtop and Targa top vehicles are allowable.
2. Convertible vehicles operating with the factory roll over protection system are allowable. Other convertibles should have either a factory hardtop or a 4 point roll bar. If a roll bar is used, it should meet the roll bar requirements found in the TT/HC Driver Information TTR.
3. Vehicles that are in compliance with road race, solo, rallye or time trial rules are allowable.
4. Drivers of open top vehicles should use arm restraints or run with the top up.

Note that most convertibles can run but review #3 and if there any question contact the Safety Steward for the event.

Vehicle Under Hood

-Battery properly secured and cover over positive (+) cable terminal connection on top-mount batteries
-Proper brake fluid reservoir level
-No visible excessive fluid leakage

Vehicle Exterior

-No cracks in windshield
-Suspension: perform “4-corner” shake and listen for any rattling or clunking
-Wheels: no excessive dents or deformation, lug nuts installed on all studs
-Bodywork: no excessive damage or loose panels
-Tires: no wear bars present on any tire, check for even tread wear across width of tires. Proper tire pressure for high speed track use.
-Exhaust system: must be in good condition and fastened securely
-Brake lights must be functioning

A great article on how to convert your Solo car to Time trials can be found HERE


All helmets used in a Milwaukee Region events shall display one of the below labels

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